Alexander J.E. Bradley hails from Australia but now lives in Paris where his irrational fear of being at street level takes him to the heights and depth of the capital. It is on the rooftops 30m above Paris, or 30m below the streets in the Catacombs where you will find him happily snapping away. Photographer, filmmaker, producer - this mustachieod chap in his mid-thirties has many hats, and many talents. Among his various projects is a book of photographs of "La Petite Ceinture", an abandoned railway that encircles Paris. 

Alexander's style has been described as a "vivid lucid dream" as he enjoys mixing surreal elements into his conceptual work. His passion for photography grew hand in hand with his lust for travel, having visited over 60 countries worldwide to perfect his skill. He started teaches photography in his adopted home of Paris to anyone who would listen to him, and now runs Aperture Tours: Profesional Photography Guided Tours in over a dozen cities worldwide. He is a bohemian, a photographer, a philosopher and traveller... in that order.  


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Photo: Anni Maarit

Photo: Anni Maarit