Since 2013 I have been hosting photography tours in Paris. I founded and manage Aperture Tours, which expanded beyond the borders of Paris to reach over a dozen cities worldwide. Still, each time I take a tour I manage to find some small thing that I have never noticed before, this magnificent city is bursting with secrets, vistas, and details and is a photographer's delight. I guess that is why I love this city so much, oh, and croissants. Let me guide you through some of my favourite parts of the City of Light and impart some of my practical photography knowledge to help you take creative control of your images.

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Barbie for Paris Photography Walking Tour

Well....I've owned my camera for four years, but until I met Alexander I did not know how to properly use it. I am admittedly a consuming American who thinks she needs to multi-task, so an opportunity to learn about my camera and see Paris is quite appealing. Our time in the café discussing what each button on the camera does was worth the cost of the "tour". Alexander's personality is as big as his knowledge of photography. Stop wondering and book the tour. You'll have No Regrets. Je promets!!! 

Christopher for Paris Night Photography Tour

Alexander is a great guide. He knows Paris top to bottom, and is a gifted storyteller to boot. He took me to parts of the city I can guarantee that only a handful of people ever get to see. He's flexible and can help you plan an experience that's unique to what you're looking for. If you're looking for a real adventure, I highly recommend connecting with Alex. 

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